About us

Itha Jewellery - What We Believe
Jewellery Should Be Lighter Than Air, Effortlessly Easy, and Breathtakingly Beautiful.
At Itha, we believe that jewellery is a mirror that reflects the splendor of the woman wearing it. Consider the pieces you choose from our collection a reflection of the self - A transparent look into what makes your spirit dance and your soul come alive.
Itha also believes that jewellery should be both exquisite and classically beautiful. Every one of our uniquely elegant pieces is more than just a conventional design - it is a celebration of light, color, and form. Using the world’s most precious gemstones and metals, we’ve created bespoke pieces that require no introduction.
While our designs may be unique and impeccably crafted, these aren’t pieces that were made to be kept in a velvet-lined jewellery box only to be taken out on special occasions. These are pieces that are meant to elevate your minimalist outfits and make even the most ordinary days a little more exceptional. Expertly manufactured, these modern heirlooms will successfully withstand the test of time and earn the right to become a signature piece within your collection.
About Us / Our Legacy
The story of Itha jewellery begins when two men - Mr Abhishek Agarwal and Mr. Kaushik Kumar - decided to take their passion and turn it into an impressive, contemporary company. These 2nd generation entrepreneurs were passionate about bringing impeccably crafted, exceptionally designed pieces of jewellery and trust of their parent company Shree Jewellers to a modern audience. The result is Itha - a company that believes in making every day a little more beautiful.
Itha features glamorous yet understated pieces that will continually set the wearer apart. Diamonds and precious gemstones like rubies, emeralds, and pearls are highlighted by gold settings that meet the highest standards of excellence. These luxurious pieces are crafted with a careful eye and an experienced hand, which allows them to uphold the principles of Itha. To emphasize their impeccable design, every single piece is accompanied by quality guarantee certification and is sold for a competitive price that makes it affordable for the average woman.
Simple, straightforward, and yet incredibly contemporary, Itha jewellery will make your soul take flight. It will capture your imagination while also stealing your breath. It will quietly make a statement without ever taking the focus away from your natural beauty. But most importantly, it will connect you to an enduring tradition that is destined to last the test of time.